Thursday, August 12, 2010

North Texas Windmills

I love a bit of irony. The photo above was shot on our way to Ancient Ovens (read more here), to contrast the old oil rig next to the newer windmill. Back in the day, Texas was into oil in a BIG way. Texas tea, Texaco, and The Houston Oilers (The old Houston team) are all synonymous with Texas. You may even remember Mr. J.R. Ewing, the big oil man from the TV show Dallas.

We still produce a bit of oil, for now, but a new energy producer has moved into town. Shown here are the windmills of Muenster, TX. Located a stones throw north of Dallas, there are now some 75+ windmills sending power back into the grid and down to Dallas.

Each windmill is 256 feet wide and produces enough energy to power 250 homes. The windmills do make a light humming sound, which is a turnoff to some residents, but that wouldn't deter me from allowing them to put one in my backyard. I like seeing them and call it progress in motion.

Here are some more pictures of these gentle giants for your viewing enjoyment. -Jason

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