Saturday, August 7, 2010

Using Pot... A Bad Habit to Have

I have no clue how any of my readers may use this or relate it to their lives, but I feel I must say something publicly about this atrocity of my own doing.

The wheels of industry just don't stop for the color green... Above is a picture of the waste generated from a small landscape install I did just the other day. I say again, this is from a SMALL job. I have no idea how to curb this. My first thought is to call the nursery and try to get them to take back the containers, but this particular nursery grows some plants and imports others, so some pots may not be usable to them. Also, I don't do installs every day. In fact, I average about one per month. How do I get them back to them without burning more petroleum or having them sit in my yard, waiting for the next ride? For now, they will see the end of their lives in my recycling bin. RIP Pots. -Jason

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