Friday, August 13, 2010

Ancient Appliances and a Boatload of Canning Jars!

Jason recently scored some awesome finds at a local estate sale. He paid a mere $15 for everything pictured above, PLUS a whopping SEVENTY FIVE canning jars! The jars came to only $3 of the total cost. What a steal! It pays to occasionally peruse estate sales. We have more luck finding needed items there then at garage sales. But then again we're usually looking for un-hip, old-timey items anyway. The very nature of an estate sale tends to lend itself to this pursuit.

This is a close up of a vintage Wear-Ever Strainer. I kid you not - the handle is the most amazing ergonomically designed thing I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was the first thing I mentioned when Jason brought it in.

Another vintage Wear-Ever piece - this one a chopper, or "Multi-use Salad Shooter." We already tested it out and it works like a charm.

Our new, organized Canning Cupboard! These shelves are two boxes deep.
We probably now have about 150 jars of various sizes.
I've put a moratorium on buying the jars - now we need to fill them!

Have you found any cool kitchen related items at a garage or estate sale? Please share them, we'd love to hear about your finds! -Carrie

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