Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Garden Pics

Just wanted to show you all a quick picture of our winter greens from under the floating row cover I erected (details of that here).

As you may remember, the picture below comes from that post:

See floating row cover post for specifics on what is planted here

And from this past Friday, even with temperatures in the low 20s, you can see everything is growing with flying colors:

You can be sure I'll be expanding my use of these row covers next year. I hardly have to water at all - the condensation generated from the heat inside the cover is enough to keep everything sufficiently watered. It is actually pretty amazing to see water streaming down the insides of the cover when it is 25 degrees outside. I love it! -Carrie

[Note: My brother over at .09 Acres actually just blogged yesterday about his forays into making row covers.  Check out his post here.]


  1. Yummy! Your lettuce, chard, and kale look great. You might want to try keeping the kale out of the row cover next winter. It will definitely survive exposed, and that will free up precious space under the row cover for less hardy things. Do you ever water under the covers or solely rely on condensation returning to the soil?

  2. What Pigs Don't KnowJanuary 18, 2011 at 5:28 AM

    .09 - That is a really good point about the Kale. I got that plant for free and added it to the corner of the bed sort of last minute. It was a few weeks later that I decided to put the row cover up. But I totally agree with you and will plan better next year about which plants to cover. As for the watering, I have watered under the cover, but only about 2 times in the 7 weeks they were put up, and I think I don't know if that was really necessary. -Carrie