Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Spiritual Lesson from a Mother Hen

There's something very sublime, spiritual almost, about connecting with life around us. If we listen carefully, we learn lessons coming from the most unlikely of places. Landscape Architect and Environmentalist Grant Jones says that studies tell us all the time what common sense used. He believes we can cut to the chase by just listening to nature and observing. The other day I posted a little STORY of moving the chicks into the house to avoid an arctic blast which came through our area. The other side of the story is enlightening and I want to share it with you.

Carrie managed to move the chicks and the mother back to their home outside and when released back into their coop, the momma (Hopper), first out, did a little dance for joy followed by a the scratch, scratch, shuffle, peck that chickens do. Hopper called for her chicks who came out with equal elation to their old quarters. They were happy to be home.

These birds will never know what we did for them. They will never know that we possibly saved their little lives. All they know is that we put them in a tiny container and took away their Hilton of a coop. All they remember is a temporary period of cramped quarters in less than ideal circumstances.

Sometimes we ask God, "Why me?" when we hit a rough spot in our lives. We go kicking and screaming the whole way through phases of our less than ideal circumstances. To me, the story of Hopper and her chicks reaffirms the truth that I first discovered as a private in the Army. I believe in a god who I trust above me to be in charge of the circumstances of my life. I believe he is looking after me and that I'm being cared for even when I'm not always comfortable in my situation. I can take peace and solace in that and thank Hopper for reminding me of that lesson. -Jason

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  1. Excellent life application. I agree, the bottom line when looking at our lives is faith. Heb 11:6 is a favorite Bible verse.