Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Deep Litter Method for Chickens

The chickens and I work together to make sure the deep litter in the Aviary gets turned. Several months ago, we called a local tree company and asked them to dump one of their trucks of wood chips on our front yard. Normally, they have to pay to dump somewhere so they were happy to oblige us, PLUS it gives the wood chips new life as opposed to some loads which end up in our landfills.

We've used the deep litter method for several months now and we have no regrets. The chicken poo gets turned in regularly by none other than the chickens themselves. Additionally, we put our kitchen scraps right on the ground. They take what they want and the rest seems to get buried. We have seen them taking sand baths in the mulch, but can't testify to its effectiveness yet. We've never caught a parasite on them.

Featured below is the pile that I make for them and the aftermath. Notice the orange peels they passed on. Enjoy -Jason


Aftermath of 6 Hens - Close of Business

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