Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Healthy: Week 2 Update

Sorry, everyone, I meant to get this out on Saturday but we had a busy weekend. Just wanted to give an update on how Mission Getting Healthy is going. And the answer is - awesome! I wish I could explain it, but it seems for me, this time, things are just clicking. I'm no longer stuffing my piehole the second the going gets tough/rough. And believe me, it's fairly stressful around here as all 5 of us started school - and we're all at different schools! I ended up losing 3.5 pounds in the 10 days from September 1st to the morning of the 11th. Like I explained in my original post, I'm counting on the following weeks to have a smaller loss per week. But I feel great and determined to push on.

Some observations:
  • While taking my daughter to soccer practice I no longer just sit there and read a book - I walk at least two miles around the scenic track.
  • Instead of relegating pushing my youngest on the swing to my older two children, I actually get off my tush and do it myself. I even climbed up inside the three story "rocket ship" at the park - something I haven't done in the more than two years it's been installed.
  • I've found I would much rather get some exercise outside than sit in front of the TV and do a video.
  • Eating an apple after lunch (usually a big salad or a homemade whole wheat tortilla with beans and veggies) seems to really help keep my hunger at bay until much closer to dinner.
  • Historically, when I eat too much (and don't get enough exercise) I get really frustrated and beat myself up about it. Though it's not right, I sometimes take it out on the kids. I truly believe there was much less yelling at the children than there usually is - and no, I don't think they just happened to become angels right at the time I started eating better!
I'm going to post these updates every other Saturday morning, unless there is a vocal opposition from the peanut gallery to do it on a different day (or more than once every two weeks). So let me know what you think. How did you do this past week? I'd love hear from you. I wish you well during the next two weeks. I'll be with you in spirit! And remember, what you put into your mouth - just like what you add to a landfill or how long a shower you choose to take - is a conscious decision. Just being aware of that fact has somehow helped me this time. I don't have to mindlessly eat yet another cookie - I can reach for (and eat!) a juicy nectarine instead. You can too! -Carrie


  1. What a great and optimistic posting.! You have a plan, and it will work, because you will start to see changes in your body. More endurance,and good vibes from those around you. And you'll like the changes you see in the mirror. Keep it up!. I'll follow your updates regularly.

  2. What Pigs Don't KnowSeptember 15, 2010 at 8:43 AM

    Thanks for visiting/commenting, Anonymous! Be here every other Saturday morning and you'll have your updates. I'M already looking forward to the next one! -Carrie

  3. You go girl! What a new, positive outlook you are bringing to your life. It is sure to make a difference in so many ways.
    I haven't started writing down my intake, but have lost 2 pounds and am looking forward to putting on my bathing suit in the spring without embarrassment. What a change that will be!
    The Silver Fox

  4. What Pigs Don't KnowSeptember 15, 2010 at 5:12 PM

    Silver Fox - Great job on your loss! And you're right - I haven't even thought about next year's bathing suit season! I've only put mine on twice in the last three years, and both times I was very uncomfortable. So Summer 2011 - here's looking at you! -Carrie