Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ask and Ask Again

The other day I was at a big box store which I try not to routinely visit, but my particular need for this item didn’t allow for second hand shopping. During this trip, I found that the item I was in need of, but also found that it wasn’t in stock. It was the cheapest of the brands with no bells or whistles. I quickly grabbed the next associate who looked like she belonged in that department and asked if I could purchase the shelf model or get a break on the next most expensive item. “We don’t do that….” she said with a disgusted look on her face and quickly walked away.

Hmm… I’m more persistent than that. Next stop, assistant manager. Very next stop, cash register with the next most expensive brand at the cheaper price. Persistence pays.

Incidentally, that's how I won my wife. Ironically, I found her in a store too. -Jason

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