Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Need to Vent

I love my house. It’s small and efficient. I can cook a three course meal, get the mail, sweep the floors and never have to leave the toilet. It’s small. By being small and under the large pecan tree, it stays relatively cool in the summer. The deciduous tree allows the sun through in the winter, and warms the house by day. The house is a little small at times too, but I prefer to look at that as bringing the family closer together. More on this tomorrow…

We purchased this house about three years ago as a fixer-upper and investment property. It was a foreclosure and looked like a foreclosure, inside and out. So we set out to remodel our little rental not knowing that one day it would be our lifeboat as I’ve come to call it. After living here for the past year and a half, there is one problem that we’ve never been able to mitigate. Our kitchen is always hot. This has little to do with cooking in there and everything to do with fact that there’s no vent. Yes that’s right, the people who put the A/C system in forgot to put a vent in the hottest room of the house…or so we thought.

This afternoon, in my quest to improve the efficiency of my A/C system, I climbed into our attic to check for leaks in the ducts. I want all of the cold air I’m paying for to make it into my house you see, and not into the attic. “Let’s see…” I’m thinking, “That duct is running to the kids’ room. That one is running to mine. Those two are running to the living room… Where the heck is that one leading to? Unless…..”

Pilot hole with vent hole next to it.

To test my theory I tapped next to the area. Those in the house confirmed the tapping came from above the kitchen. Good sign. A drilled hole next to the vent in the attic revealed…you guessed it folks. In the course of remodeling this home, someone covered up the air duct! What a find! Tonight, for the first time in years, we actually got to make a July dinner without looking like it was done in Lucifer’s kitchen. It’s the little things in life which make me happy! -Jason

My new vent!

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