Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Chickens Think They Are Puppy Dogs

How pitiful are these hens? No, that’s not a grainy photo, my camera’s not causing white spots to appear in the picture – these birds are sitting on our back steps in the pouring rain. At this point they had been out there for more than 2 hours. Caught outside by a sudden storm while free-ranging, these two would not go back into their nice, dry coop. Instead they chose to pine outside our door, I can only imagine hoping for a worried mom to give them a respite from the downpour. Little did they know that dad could have cared less! I finally couldn’t take it anymore, and I headed out to round them into the coop. I had it covered, but Jason did come out to help – of his own accord! They were so happy to be under cover that instead of taking the stairs to the second story of the coop and their perches, they literally flew up! - Carrie


  1. I don't mind my chickens being out in the rain but my wife is too much for me to bear. Of course I had to help her...

    On a second note, these chickens should be out on Ft. Wroth Ave. and Hampton with little tin cups because they are BEGGARS! You should see the speed these birds put on when the back door opens. It's something like Carl Lewis on the hurdles. Someone in this house who shall remain nameless has conditioned them to expect gourmet dishes like Oatmeal and squashed peaches with cantaloupe seed on top. I'm expecting edamamme ala mode any day now...

  2. I be fine with the chickens in the house if they were toilet trainable but alas they are not.