Thursday, July 29, 2010

Around the Homestead...

Here are some recent pictures from around the old homestead. Enjoy!

Sun tea, brewing in, you guessed it, the sun!
Jason makes this about every other day.

Action shot of chickens eating a custom blended mix of grains, fruit, etc. I try to give them something like this about twice a week. Probably completely unnecessary but it makes me feel good!

Swoope waiting for said mix....

Jason bringing it to her.
He honestly feels like we wait on them hand and foot!

Three new 4'x8' beds! I'm so excited about these and will do a post on them in a few weeks. Still trying to fill them at least partially with free (or almost free) materials. Will get a delivery of blended veggie growing soil towards the end of August. Stay tuned!

Lone strawberry in our strawberry pot. We get a paltry one or two a week!

Attempting to cook a pizza in Jason's solar oven. Still needs some tweaking, though. It's never gotten over 200 degrees inside. After about two hours we had to take the pizza out and finish it in the oven.

Sweet little lizard on a growing cantaloupe. -Carrie

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