Thursday, May 5, 2011

We are Alive!

Hi everyone! Yes, indeed, we are alive. School is almost done for the semester and we can finally breathe a bit.  I hope to post here again two to three times a week through the summer at least... 

A few weeks ago Jason got a thank-you card from a friend.  I got a big kick out of it.  I'd say she knows us pretty well.....

Love it!  We're up to, well actually I guess you'd say "down to", 19 chickens.  Three "barn bantams" and 16 black sex links.  The black sex links include fifteen of the "babies" we got in early February (we sold 11) and one of our original three hens - Nellie.  The babies are almost 13 weeks old, and we're hoping within the next 1-2 months they'll start laying.  When that happens we will probably find a new home for the bantams, as their eggs are smaller and in general their egg production is not nearly as consistent as the sex-links.  I'll do a post soon on our babies.  They are now bigger than the bantams!  And very sweet since they were raised by hand.  This process definitely has made us converts to raising chicks ourselves versus buying full-grown adults hens.  They are far more friendly - not afraid of us in the least.  Almost all of them love to be held and petted.  It's pretty cool.

On a related note:
 This pleases me greatly....

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  1. What a great thank you card. Did the sender make it her/himself? If so she/he should sell them!!!!!
    We will have to consider chickens in the future. Those eggs look delish.
    Good to have you back posting.